GRIT – Live At Kramus Deluxe Studio

Ex-Tension 2016

GRIT - Live At Kramus Deluxe Studio

Live At Kramus Deluxe Studio

Dirt ‘n’ Pop from the streets of Paris by four garçons eager to put your money where their mouth is.

Given most of the bands start on stage, it’s very logical that this French quintet’s debut was laid down in almost concert environment… and that’s about the only logical thing about them. The tree songs on display not only vividly demonstrate the youngsters’ art-and-aggro chops but also justify the group’s name, as they pile good grime upon a twin-guitar attack and a dance-like groove.

But while the riff of “G.F.Y.” grabs you by the balls to swing ’em, the ennui in the vocals reveal a nihilistic streak which four voices nail to the chorus in a memorable fashion, and if glimmer gets dim on “Ready Or Not” to distil its march,Marcus Liñon and Matthieu Vial-Collet’s licks shine through the gloom. “Sister” is the band’s best effort, though, in the rock ‘n’ roll stakes, Quentin Rochas’ bass and Florian Gouëllo’s drums propelling the piece’s insistent rhythm toward sweet insanity – or the first full-blown album. If it’s as intense, GRIT are bound to be noticed worldwide.


December 7, 2016

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