GRYPHON Deliver First New Record In Four Decades

They have always been one of the most unusual and original rock groups, GRYPHON, serving up medieval pieces possessed with prog majesty and magic. The band’s initial lifespan wasn’t long, but it’s then, between 1973 and 1977, that the ensemble released five albums that didn’t see a follow-up neither in 2009 when the veterans returned for a single concert, nor in 2015 when they came back once more – to stay, as it turned out. So what was promised ten years ago is out now: a freshly minted record titled “ReInvention” to add a new chapter to the saga of yore.

Featuring three original members – Graeme Taylor, Brian Gulland and Dave OberlĂ© – and three younger players, the album offers 11 delicious tracks – and there’s a live DVD from 2016 in the pipeline as well:

GRYPHON - ReInvention


1. PipeUp Downsland DerryDellDanko
2. Rhubarb Crumhorn
3. A Futuristic Auntyquarian
4. Haddocks’ Eyes
5. Hampton Caught
6. Hospitality At A Price… Anyone For?
7. Dumbe Dum Chit
8. Bathsheba
9. Sailor V
10. Ashes
11. The Euphrates Connection

August 10, 2018

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