GURU GURU Call On Arthur Brown To Help Liberate Krautrock

Since there’s been a five-year gap between 2018, when GURU GURU‘s “Rotate!” rolled onto the shelves, and now, one may assume the German experimentalists were ready to retire after five and half decades of driving the Kosmische Musik scene to delirium – after all, the ensemble’s leader, singer and drummer, Mani Neumeier is turning 83 on the last day of 2023 – yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no better proof of the veteran’s vitality than their new album, titled “The Incredible Universe Of Guru Guru” and getting issued in different territories in December and January

Irreverent and self-referencing, it’s the platter – out on CD and vinyl – whose opening numbers “Free Krautrock!” and “Freedom” announce the collective’s current agenda before “Back To The Roots” links fresh tendencies – such as hip-hop-laced “Guru Guru’s In Da Haus” – to their source, with “Elektrolurch Mutation” picking up where “Der Elektrolurch” from the group’s eponymous record left off in 1973, and “Hold The Jelly” finding the legendary Arthur Brown jive to the piece’s electro-dance textures. Incredible Universe, indeed!

The Incredible Universe Of Guru Guru

1. Free Krautrock!
2. Freedom
3. Back To The Roots
4. Life’s A Gamble
5. Woke
6. Hold The Jelly
7. Guru Guru’s In Da Haus
8. Wilma
9. I’m Sorry
10. Elektrolurch Mutation
11. Sampo Incredible (CD only)

December 15, 2023

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