GURUZSMAS – Üst a gríz felett!

Inverse 2016

GURUZSMAS - Üst a gríz felett!

Üst a gríz felett!

To put a spell on their listener and get in trance, Hungarian band brew up a knees up and razzmatazz the gloom away.

It must be difficult to remain serious while letting one’s hair down, yet these guys manage the unimaginable in a variety of ways. There’s a bold instrumental attack on their debut record, high on muscular instrumental interaction, which is mixed with folklore immediacy. The weaving of traditional motifs into heavy textures of pieces such as an anxious-to-triumphal title track finds the band flirting with fusion and going out on a limb for mercurial time signatures, but here’s a good pinch of punk attitude to the result thanks to a loose rhythm section whose subtlety adds an adventurous edge to the proceedings.

That’s why the funky “Nyitás a Kozmosz felé” finds dombra fed to Dallman Kristof’s bass and Bencze Tibor’s guitar tickling the skies, while the riffs of “Az eke rosszabbik oldalán” spice up a delicate dance and turn it, via bluesy twang, into a psychedelic trip. More so, if “Hegyitangó” is where hot sludge is poured into a stoner-like mix, “Éjjeli hús” – as cinematic as “Apache” and as jagged as “T.V. Eye” – has an infectious, metal-minded and flute-infused, groove to it that’s more eloquent than any vocals which could be there. “Üst a gríz felett!” is a delight from start to finish, making the record’s creators a presence to follow.


March 16, 2017

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