Harvey Mandel Delivers New Album While Fighting Cancer

It’s a testament to the great artist’s steel will and stamina that, despite being seriously sick for quite a time, Harvey Mandel was able to prepare a new platter. Titled “Who’s Calling” and, as per the legendary guitarist’s custom, a piece with a word “Snake” in it, the record, to be out on December 9th, is comprised of eight fresh cuts on which Harvey’s accompanied by Andy Hess on bass and Ryan Jewell on drums who’s experience allowed the trio to go off on a tangent here and there and let the six-string hero shine bright – as if to distract the listener from sad slant of some numbers.

Who’s Calling

Tracks like “Last Walk” and “Love You Forever” that bookend the album may make anyone think Mandel’s ready to bid farewell – yet the veteran’s fighting as hard as he can. Read updates on his health and contribute to his well-being by visiting this GoFundMe page.

1. Last Walk
2. Crazy Town
3. Who’s Calling
4. Lucky Sevens
5. See You Around
6. Moon Talk
7. Robo Snake
8. Love You Forever

November 1, 2022

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