Fifty years on after HAWKWIND’s rise, the band’s family continues to grow, and the latest branch on its tree is HAWKESTREL: a new project driven by bassist Alan Davey and featuring a plethora of former members. A couple of them – Huw Lloyd-Langton and Lemmy – are no longer with us, and Ginger Baker’s parts also presumably come from the past, yet Nik Turner, Simon House, Paul Rudolph and Bridget Wishart obviously contributed to it rather recently, as did William Shatner who recited an intro to “Sonic Attack.”

“The Future Is Us” – scheduled for the August 9th release on CD and blue vinyl double LP – is the collective’s first album, although whether there will be more remains unknown. If there won’t this must remain a wonderful one-off.

Here’s the complete running order of this record. And here’s the review.

The Future Is Us

1. Do What You Need To Do
2. World For Fear
3. Sea Of Sand
4. Nyx Of Khaos
5. The Future Is Us
6. Sonic Attack
7. 12 String Shuffle
8. May Sun
9. Goodbye Death Valley
10. Free Like Us
11. Old Dinah
12. Hawkestrel
13. Bad Boys For Life (2019 AD Version)

July 5, 2019

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