HAWKESTREL Welcome Mick Taylor To “Chaos” Of Live And Dead

It began five years ago with the forward-looking "The Future Is Us" album as a HAWKWIND offshoot, yet since then Alan Davey’s HAWKESTREL project proved to be a solid enterprise that, to the date, delivered two more platters and are ready to launch – on April 12th, on International Day of Human Space Flight, under the title of “Chaos Rocks” – their fourth. Traditionally star-studded, this record features a few unexpected guests, such as the former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor: yes, the guitarist took part in a "Pioneers Of Space" track and now expanded his presence to two cuts, one finding him in the company of Bob Calvert and the other of Nik Turner, both dead for years.

But while “Evil Rock” uses Calvert’s classic vocal, that from his “Hype” LP, numbers with Turner – and Huw Huw Lloyd-Langton – have never been heard before and are new. How come?

“HAWKESTREL is keeping their legacy going we must never forget them,” says Alan Davey. “Nik did lotsa sax for me about six years ago in LA for many songs I’ve written and still haven’t used yet. I have much more from Nik for HAWKESTREL albums in the future, so I am glad we did that session with him. As for Huw, Cleopatra Records paid him for the rights to lots of his guitar playing, and I’m glad they did as I love working with Huw’s guitar. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot from Mick Slattery who passed away last year, but his contributions to HAWKESTREL songs have been top notch.”

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Chaos Rocks

1. Near Earth Asteroid – with Alan Davey
2. Evil Rock (2023 AD) – with Bob Calvert & Mick Taylor
3. Kinnikinnick Special – with Helios Creed
4. Silver Machine – with William Shatner & Carmine Appice
5. Chaos Rocks –
     with Nik Turner, Simon House, Mick Slattery & Nico Leophonte
6. Walking The Wheel – with Huw Lloyd-Langton & Simon House
7. 2019 OK – with Nik Turner & Mick Slattery
8. Class One Kid – with Mick Taylor, Nik Turner & Simon House
CD-only bonus tracks:
9. Opa Loka – with Nik Turner
10. Now I’m Feeling Zombified –
     with Nik Turner, Geoff Downes & Adam Hamilton
11. Dangerous Visions – with Ginger Baker & Danny Faulkner

March 31, 2024

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