HAWKWIND Alumnus Ade Shaw Issues A New Reflection

Adrian Shaw may have laid down only two platters with HAWKWIND, yet both “Quark, Strangeness And Charm” and “PXR5” were marked by the bassist’s glam leanings, which would land him the job with T.REX if Marc Bolan stayed alive, as his credentials, earned by tenures with the likes of Arthur Brown seemed impeccable. Instead, the veteran’s next long-term, three-decades-strong, stint found him in THE BEVIS FROND whom Ade left, as he decided to stop touring, fairly recently, but remained fast friends with guitar player Nick Saloman, whom he previously worked outside of the band, and that’s why the latter helped the former record his latest studio album.

Out now, “A Dark Reflection” – a successor to 2015’s “Colours” – should indeed feel like an amalgam of Shaw’s stylistic staples, its songs steeped in psychedelia and rocking relentlessly if the promo posted below is anything to go by.

A Dark Reflection

1. A Golden Future
2. Take Your Time
3. The Point Of No Return
4. It Must Be Right
5. My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own
6. Fever Dream
7. A Dark Reflection
8. Conflicting Views
9. Didn’t See It Coming
10. Remember Me
11. Spin


February 4, 2024

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