HAWKWIND Explore Nature On A New Album

Last year saw the mighty HAWKWIND deliver a record that was very much in line with their legacy, but while "The Machine Stops" dealt in sci-fi, it’s follow-up delves into a different sort of mythology. Scheduled for May 5th release on CD and LP, “Into The Woods” finds the veterans exploring nature – with a psychedelic slant, of course. Judging by the album samples, it’s going to be interesting.

As for the tracks, they run like this:

HAWKWIND - Into The Woods

Into The Woods

1. Into The Woods
2. Cottage In The Woods
3. The Woodpecker
4. Have You Seen Them
5. Ascent
6. Space Ship Blues
7. The Wind
8. Vegan Lunch
9. Magic Scenes
10. Darkland
11. Wood Nymph
12. Deep Cavern
13. Magic Mushroom

February 10, 2017

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