HAWKWIND or not, Nik Turner soars to the sun

Nik Turner

Nik Turner

Recently, there’s been a scandal in the HAWKWIND nest: Nik Turner, a classic line-up reedsman was said to try and register his current group’s name as NIK TURNER’S HAWKWIND in the USA. Nothing too strange with that, given the co-existence of two SWEETs, Andy Scott’s and Steve Priest‘s and MARTIN TURNER’S WISHBONE ASH going alongside WISHBONE ASH led by Andy Powell. Yet the news came on the verge of Dave Brock’s collective first American trek in many years, and some stated it was an attempt on Turner’s part to draw attention to his new album, "Space Gypsy"that we wrote about previously. So now the veteran decided to address the matter.

Before taking to almost 30 US stages with the same ensemble that played on the album – DIE KRUPPS’ Jurgen Engler, UK SUBS’ Nicky Garratt, CHELSEA’s Jeff Piccinini and Jason Willer – Turner has released the following statement:

“Dear Friends, Helpers Enthusiasts, Supporters, Inter-Dimensional Travelers, Intergalactic Aliens and All Sentient Beings,

I’m very sad to hear of rumors of Dave Brock’s ill health, and wish him a quick recovery from whatever ails him. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing HAWKWIND live in the USA, being aware as I am that they happen to be touring at the same time as my band. I wish them every success, and it would be nice if Dave and I could actually play together on a stage somewhere on our tours, just like the old days, bury the hatchet, work together. We have been very good friends in the past. I thought about Dave and me inviting Lemmy to join us, get a band together with us (sounds like THE BLUES BROTHERS) and do a world tour. Sounds like it could be fun too. Life is too short to worry about all the trivial, irrelevant bullshite. So let’s all be friends, love one another. We’re all different; let’s enjoy our differences.

If you come to one of my shows, come say hello. Let’s all work together in the spirit of what HAWKWIND was all about: alternative culture, alternative values, peace and love, brothers and sisters, One Source, One Tribe, One World, One Mind, One Cosmos, One Love, Love to you all.


October 4, 2013

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