HEAVEN & EARTH: A Victorious Ride On A New Album

HEAVEN & EARTH‘s "Dig" was one of 2013’s brightest highlights: the album that saw Stuart Smith’s band return felt like a refined hard rock experience enhanced with a couple of memorable videos. Since then, the ensemble didn’t lose momentum, and now, having gained a new management, are ready for a September release of the album they worked on for the best part of the year. Titled “Hard To Kill” and echoing the sentiment of a scene-setting “Victorious” that opened its predecessor, the record features, alongside guitarist Smith and singer Joe Retta, players who joined soon after the previous album went into the wild and became part of a touring line-up: bassist Lynn Sorensen, drummer Kenny Aronoff and keyboard player Ty Baillie – with the latter two not going on the road that the band are to hit soon.

Expectations set high, the album’s songs run like this:

HEAVEN & EARTH - Hard To Kill

Hard To Kill

1. Hard To Kill
2. Walk Away
3. Till It’s Over
4. Bleed Me Dry
5. The Game Has Changed
6. Anthem
7. Monster
8. LA Blues
9. Hellfire
10. Beautiful Monsters
11. Bad Man

July 28, 2017

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