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A part of BADFINGER’s tragic history that saw both him and his songwriting partner Pete Ham – the two talents behind the immortal “Without You” – take their own lives, Tom Evans‘ oeuvre remains largely unknown. All of his laurels lay either with the band – where, except playing bass, he provided vocals on Paul McCartney-penned “Come And Get It” and, earlier, when they were still called THE IVIES, delivered “Maybe Tomorrow” which became a hit in quite a few coutries – or with THE BEATLES’ solo platters: the albums “All Things Must Pass” and “Imagine” by, respectively, George and John, and Ringo’s “It Don’t Come Easy” single. Yet while there have several volumes of Ham’s demos released over the years, Evans’ archives opened just recently.

Whether there will more than one issues of his demos is not known at the time, but the “I Am Myself” collection – planned for digital release on Evans’ birthday, June 5th, and for physical arrival on June 7th – is impressive on its own, comprising 21 tracks approved by Tom’s widow Marianne and son Stephen who contributed photos to this project. Some tracks of the lot which hails from the late ’60s have been out previously yet most of the numbers appear here for the first time ever. Feels indispensable.

I Am Myself

1. Hello
2. I Am Myself
3. Our First Night Together
4. Water Lily
5. Goldfish
6. How Does It Feel (original demo)
7. Honey Lovin’ Ways
8. Uncle C
9. I Should Have Loved You (original demo)
10. Fisherman (original demo)
11. Dancing Girl
12. I Don’t Want The Bother
13. Handsome Malcolm
14. In My World Of Yesterday
15. No Escaping Your Love (original demo)
16. Good Time Together
17. The Leaves
18. Stay By Me, Baby
19. A Simple Song
20. Wine, Woman and Song
21. I Am Myself (Reprise)

May 22, 2024

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