Hugh Cornwell Seizes Crazy Moments

Hugh Cornwell loves a quality alliteration, his first post-STRANGLERS records – “Wolf” and “Wired” starting with “W” and 2012’s “Totem And Taboo” riding on “T” – yet his recent run is to surpass the previous attempts, as the follow-up to “Monster” that saw the light of day in 2018 will be titled “Moments Of Madness” and will take, on October 7th, the occurrences of “M” to three. It’s going to be a special album not only on this account, though: Hugh’s second self-produced studio offering will be his first where Cornwell plays all the instruments – and, of course, sings.

The 10-track platter lasts only 36 minutes, but the songs’ conciseness only stresses their lyrical message and the variety of arrangements – because it’s nowhere near as austere as the veteran’s unplugged concert documents.

Moments Of Madness

The album’s tracklist and artwork look like this:

1. Coming Out Of The Wilderness
2. Red Rose
3. I Wannahideinsideya
4. Looking For You
5. When I Was A Young Man
6. Moments Of Madness
7. Beware Of The Doll
8. Too Much Trash
9. Lasagna
10. Heartbreak At Seven

May 8, 2022

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