Iain Matthews And BJ Baartmans Uncover CONSPIRACY

Iain Matthews never was a lazy artist, his long discography a testament to the veteran’s prolificacy, yet while his peers have slowed down lately, this singer doesn’t mind a little surge in creative flow. If 2020 saw the release of MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT’s "The New Mine" and early 2021 the issue of "Fake Tan" – Iain’s collaboration with THE SALMON SMOKERS, the upcoming September is when the debut album by his new band, THE MATTHEWS BAARTMANS CONSPIRACY will hit the shelves.

Distant Chatter

Titled “Distant Chatter” and containing ten pieces, it’s the result of lockdown sessions between the former Fairporter and BJ Baartmans, a guitar-wielding Comforter, who concocted this Americana record for all the genre lovers and plan to take it on the road in 2022. Read the review.

1. Sleepwalking
2. The Corner Of Sad And Lonely
3. Are You A Racist
4. Fourteen Months
5. I’ve Gone Missing
6. Writing Off The Blues
7. All That Glitters
8. Here’s Looking At You
9. Low In The Water
10. Is This It

August 15, 2021

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