Iain Matthews Mines A New Vein

2020’s marks a 50th anniversary of MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT, an ensemble that Iain Matthews has been returning to throughout his decades-long career, and that’s quite a reason for a new album. Titled “The New Mine” and scheduled for a March 27th release, the record will be a solid successor to both "Like A Radio" from 2018 and the group’s 1970 hit “Woodstock” because, like this song, its opener “Ethiopia” is written by Joni Mitchell.

Nothing groundbreaking, then, yet listening to any of Iain’s albums is akin to hearing stories from an old friend, so there should be a lot to warm a soul. Read the review.

The New Mine

1. Ethiopia
2. The Hands Of Time
3. Feed It
4. Patty’s Poetry
5. Working In The New Mine
6. Starvation Box
7. C’mon Amigo
8. The Hole
9. A Secret Is Gone
10. The Sacrificial Cow
11. Inbetween
12. In My Next Life

February 7, 2020

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