Iain Matthews Pays Homage To Richard Fariña

Richard Fariña was one of the greatest, and somehow lately forgotten, American folkster whose songs such as “The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood” long entered collective subconscious and have been performed over the years by many an artist including FAIRPORT CONVENTION – from the off, when this band was fronted by Judy Dyble and Iain Matthews. The latter recorded a few Fariña classics on his solo albums, like "If You Saw Thro' My Eyes", but now, having come up with a new line-up of PLAINSONG, the band he founded in 1971 and resurrected in 1991 to break up again in 2012, Matthews returned to the classic catalogue, and this September will see the release “Reinventing Richard,” a collection of 14 arresting pieces that’s in the works now.

Iain has kindly provided DME with a full tracklist, so the running order of the album is as follows:

PLAINSONG - Reinventing Richard

Reinventing Richard

1. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Prelude)
2. Pack Up Your Sorrows
3. Sellout Agitation Waltz
4. One Way Ticket
5. Another Country
6. Lemonade Lady
7. Mainline Prosperity Blues
8. The Falcon
9. Almond Joy
10. Hard Lovin’ Loser
11. Michael Andrew And James
12. Children Of Darkness
13. Reflections In A Crystal Wind
14. Sombre Winds
15. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Conclusion)

May 8, 2015

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