IAN DANTER – Prove You Wrong

ID Parade 2013

IAN DANTER - Prove You Wrong

Prove You Wrong

Popular sports presenter from the UK branches out and reaches out across the waves and continents.

When it comes to radio shows such as “Football First” on TalkSport, their audience is usually limited by national borders. Not so with hard rock that Ian Danter, one of the station’s hosts, knows and loves enough to come up with this album. Strange for someone who does voiceover work, Danter sings only three of the fifteen original cuts here, leaving the job for SHY’s Lee Small, but plays most of the instruments here, and does it good. The problem is, Ian’s compositions are too generic to enjoy it all for an hour, with humor as their saving grace.

Thus, the humble heroics of “I Wanna Be A Has-Been” or the radio-friendly title track are balanced with the hip-twisters such as heavy “Overflow” and “She’s From A Different Solar System”, while the guitar orchestra of “Soulmate” is as nice a start as it gets for melodic riffage. But for all these, there are slightly queasy numbers like “Crocodile Tears”, although “Stay In My Heart” turns arresting in the middle eight, and ballad “Stronger Than That” complies with its title. Looks like there’s still much to prove – and improve.


June 29, 2013

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