Ian Hunter Brings Back Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins To Defy Reality

When Ian Hunter signed to Sun Records and delivered a platter titled "Defiance Part 1" in 2023, it seemed like former MOTT THE HOOPLE frontman’s most ambitious project, what with the presence of Ringo Starr among his stellar guests. Yet with the news of the imminent arrival of “Defiance Part 2: Fiction” on April 17th and it turning out to be second part of a trilogy, rather than a closing chapter of a dilogy, the scope of the veteran’s latter-day objective looks even more impressive.

Defiance Part 2:

What impresses even more this time is the line-up of Hunter’s collaborators whose roster includes not only the great late Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins whose parts appeared on the series’ first installment, but also the members of QUEEN and WINGS, CHEAP TRICK and DEF LEPPARD, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS and MOTT as well as, on limited-edition-vinyl bonus tracks, THE BLACK CROWES and PEARL JAM. Yet, of course, it’s the 84-yeal-old’s songs that reign supreme here, commenting on social and political issues and serving up infectious choruses such as one of the album’s inaugural single, “Precious” (watch below). A precious thing, indeed.

1. People (feat. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen & Joe Elliott)
2. Fiction (feat. Morgan Fisher & Steve Holley)
3. The 3rd Rail (feat. Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp)
4. This Ain’t Rock And Roll (feat. Phil Collen)
5. Precious (feat. Brian May, Taylor Hawkins & Joe Elliott)
6. Weed (feat. Dean & Robert DeLeo)
7. Kettle Of Fish (feat. Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Steve Holley & Taylor Hawkins)
8. What Would I Do Without You (feat. Lucinda Williams & Benmont Tench)
9. Everybody’s Crazy But Me (feat. Waddy Wachtel, Benmont Tench, Steve Holley & Taylor Hawkins)
10. Hope (feat. Lucinda Williams, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Holley, Benmont Tench & Taylor Hawkins)
bonus tracks:
11. Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible (feat. Rick Tedesco)
12. Needle Park (feat. Rich Robinson & Chris Robinson)
13. How’d Ya Like To Meet Henry (feat. Mike McCready, Matt Cameron & Joe Elliott)

February 16, 2024

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