Ian Hunter’s New Album, Featuring Ringo, Gets Delayed

Back in the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll, a longplay platter’s release didn’t seem to be too complicated a thing because the number of media an album was on had been limited to vinyl; today, this material’s popularity and the scarcity of record plants leads to significant deferral periods between the issue of compact disc and vinyl version of albums, and to come confusion too. Not so long ago, Ian Hunter‘s fans were glad to hear of the forthcoming appearance of former MOTT THE HOOPLE warbler’s new song cycle, a follow-up to “Fingers Crossed” from 2016., titled “Defiance Part 1” and scheduled to hit the shelves on November 18th. Only this date’s passed, and no vendor offered the platter.

There’s no details of the album, except for its tracklist and the presence on it of the ever-reliable Ringo Starr and the ever-jarring Johnny Depp; no one even knows whether the 83-year-old singer plans a second part of it. What’s known is that the platter was to see the light of day first on vinyl and later on CD, which is not a natural order of release nowadays, and that’s possibly the reason why the arrival of em>”Defiance Part 1″ got postponed to early 2023 without so much as official announcement. Hopefully, the music is worth the wait. As for the songs, they run like this:

Defiance Part 1

1. Defiance
2. Bed Of Roses
3. No Hard Feelings
4. Pavlov’s Dog
5. Don’t Tread On Me
6. Guernica
7. I Hate Hate
8. Angel
9. Kiss N’ Make Up
10. This Is What I’m Here For

November 22, 2022

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