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He’s very different, Iggy Pop, and his body of work is as variously scarred as his own, and as muscular, and although it’s difficult to like it all, it’s easy to admire – be it with THE STOOGES or solo. That’s why a collection called “Psychophonic Medicine” that’s to be out on June 23rd is going to be extremely interesting for fans and the initiated ones, for the three CD it’s comprised of hold a plethora or rarities, studio and live, including the cuts which didn’t make it onto a couple of Iggy’s records and those alternate from the album tracks, plus the songs Pop worked on with THE CARS’ Ric Ocasek and SEX PISTOLS’ Steve Jones with an unfulfilled LP prospect. Yet if these, and the piece the veteran laid down with Cosentino for the “True Blood” series, are for the people quite familiar with the Stooge’s oeuvre, his concerts from 1979 and 1981 are a real treat for everyone.

As for the full breakdown of the box, here it is – and the video preview is below:

IGGY POP - Psychophonic Medicine

Psychophonic Medicine

Disc 1 – Rarities

“The Idiot” Outtakes (1977):
1. Dum Dum Boys (alt. mix)
2. Baby (alt. mix)
3. China Girl (alt. mix)
4. Tiny Girls (outtake)
“Party” Outtakes (1981):
5. It’s My Life (unreleased)
6. Bang Bang (alt. mix)
7. Sea of Love (alt. mix)
8. Time Won’t Let Me (alt. mix)
Ric Ocasek Sessions (1983):
9. Fire Engine
10. Warrior Tribe
11. Old Mule Skinner
Steve Jones Demos (1985):
12. Beside You
13. Cry For Love
14. Purple Haze
15. Warm Feeling (unreleased)
bonus track:
16. Let’s Boot And Rally – with Bethany Cosentino

Disc 2 – Paris Palace, 1979

1. Cock In My Pocket
2. Kill City
3. Fortune Teller
4. New Values
5. Billy Is A Runaway
6. I Wanna Be Your Dog
7. Five Foot One
8. Dirt
9. Batman
10. Louie Louie
11. Shake Appeal
12. I’m Bored

Disc 3 – San Francisco, 1981

1. I Need More
2. Some Weird Sin
3. Houston Is Hot Tonight
4. TV Eye
5. 1969
6. Rock And Roll Party
7. Bang, Bang
8. Dum Dum Boys
9. Eggs On Plate
10. I’m A Conservative
11. I Need More (Again)
12. Lust For Life
13. The Winter Of My Discontent

June 3, 2015

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