IMMY STANLEY – Dancing Light

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IMMY STANLEY - Dancing Light

Dancing Light

Homesick yet hypnotic debut from West Midlands’ teenager who wears soul on her sleeve and blues in her heart.

Having university on the horizon, many a youngster would be well-poised for a freedom fest, but this singer is well aware of emotional heft that will come such a change, and her first single reflects the flash of her doubts – in slow motion. Set to a mesmerizing throb, Stanley’s mellifluous vocals are full of worry which doesn’t turn into sadness, though: with her voice splintering into folk-informed, honeyed harmonies, there’s a celebration of belonging going on, and when a molten, golden guitar lick and entrancing beat join the party, it’s difficult to resist the piece’s soft pull.

It’s a moth to a flame scenario, really, as the song is warm and welcoming as a distant fire, rocking delicately and hinting at much more intense melodic delights Immy can offer once she’s free to fly.


April 23, 2018

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