Interview with Phil SOUSSAN (BIG NOIZE)

January 2008

A supergroup – which means ensemble whose members are all stars – and longevity rarely walk hand in hand, but this makes the moment such a band lasts is ever more precious. This philosophy may not concern the latest of these collectives, BIG NOIZE, who already are making the waves with the news of their live DVD and the songs they play – even though the songs are all covers. Yet it’s not simple covers: all the players have originally co-written or contributed to most of the songs by PURPLE, Ozzy, SABBATH… The noizemakers are PHIL SOUSSAN on bass, Carlos Cavazo on guitar, Vinny Appice on drums and Joe Lynn Turner handling the vocals. With the quartet ready to go on stage and into the studio soon, there’s surely a need to have some more information, and the ever-friendly Mr. Soussan is the one to give it away.

– Phil, how stabile is the band with all the members being involved in other projects?

We are starting the band BIG NOIZE at this time and, although it is a little tricky putting a supergroup together – because we are all involved with many other projects, we have to start by doing groups of two or three shows at a time and seeing where it can become the main project for us all. This will happen once the shows become bigger and the name BIG NOIZE becomes better known.

– What drives the band more: friendship or business?

The band’s drive is definitely friendship – we have all known each other for many years and we have always had a desire to work together!

– What’s been the reaction to the group’s shows so far?

We are playing our first show on February the 7th, and I will let you know the reaction!

– Will there be an album out this year?

We will record an album towards the spring, and it will consist of our versions of the songs that we are playing in the setlist – the album will be a real collector’s item!

– Is there a chance to get hold of the DVD?

The DVD is not going to be released at this time because the sync licensing would be too expensive; and I don’t think that the bands who own the publishing are going to give us very good rates on the songs just yet! Maybe later – but anyone can see the trailer clip!

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