box1Mick Box, the founding member of melodic rock stalwarts URIAH HEEP, is one of the most intelligent musicians in the world. Smiling, witty and kind, his stage persona is just a little part of what Mick is like in real life. Meeting him and talking to him is a great experience. Having several chances is something much more, so in order to share the experience here are some interviews with Mr Box. Hopefully, there’ll be more – as there’ll surely be more music from the man.

October 1999

September 2000

November 2001


Uriah Heep




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  1. […] – Mick Box says that URIAH HEEP was always thought of as the band of his. But so many fans used to think of it as of lead by you and they don’t like the material recorded by the band after you left. In your opinion, who was the leader? […]

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