Interview with MICK BOX


September 2000

This one is short and there was a reason for it to be short. In fact, there were two interviews right before HEEP’s visit to Israel: one for the paper (and this is the one) and one for the radio with no opportunity to record it, as the request to do it came in just two hours prior to the live airing. Not that much questions for an unmusical audience and no need to torture Mick for two times in a matter of three days, that is…

– How do you feel about the 30th year of the band’s existance? Still proud?

Still ‘Eavy, Still Umble and Still Proud!!! It feels great. We have a great band. We are all the best of mates. We enjoy what we do and we are looking to the future with a great deal of excitement. It does not come any better than that!

– How do you remember first URIAH HEEP’s visit in Israel?

We had a great time and we loved it. It is just a shame that it has taken us so long to come back but that will make it all the more special this time.

– Is Israel in any way special for you or it is “just one of the countries…”? Are there plans to visit holy places?

We never take anything for granted, and yes – Israel is special. We would love to visit the holy places as we did last time.

– Are there any new songs in the live set?

No new songs but plenty of the classic HEEP and songs from “Sea Of Light” and “Sonic Origami”, our last two studio CDs.

– About month ago you filmed a special show for future DVD and live album. Could you say some words about the event, please?

We recorded a live CD and now we have some live footage of the band playing this material. The DVD is an exciting event as it is our first. Apart from the live show, there are pieces of interviews, shots outside of the stage area, us being presented recently with a Platinum Record for sales in excess of 500.000 with this line up and lots of still pictures too…

– Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend the party that will be in “Planet Hollywood” on September 2nd. What do you expect of it? Will there be more special events towards the band’s jubilee?

I am sure there will be, as URIAH HEEP is a celebratory band with so many momentous milestones in our career. The Planet Hollywood party is just a way of launching the DVD and it should be fun.

– For how many years you plan to continue making your fans happy?

Our answer to that is quite simply as long as we are enjoying what we do and we enjoy making music together and we have an audience there is no reason to stop…

– What kind of audience you’re aiming at now?

We have an audience that has grown up with us and an audience that is just finding out about us. This is very exciting.

– How often you re-introduce old songs into the set?

We never plan these things – they just happen really. I might give Bernie Shaw a few classic songs to listen to and then let him decide what ones he likes. After all, Bernie has to sell the song and sing it with conviction. Once I am happy he can give it 100%, we will consider putting it in the set.

– HEEP have a huge legasy. But do you ever play covers? What covers of HEEP’s songs you think are best?

Covers really never better the original in my eyes. It is very flattering though when it happens to your songs.

– What do you think of THE HENSLEYLAWTON BAND?

I have not heard them but they are both talented so there is no reason that it should not be anything but good.

– If there were a chance to get back in time would you change anything – regarding style, line-up changes and so on?

Not really regarding style and line-up changes… When something is impossible to do like that I try not to waste energy on thinking about it. The only thing I would have liked to change is for David and Gary to still be with us.

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