J.EDMOND – City Walk

J.Edmond 2024

City Walk

Connecticut artist formerly known as Jebb takes a stroll on the mild side towards a brighter future.

When a single’s A-side is titled “City Walk” and its B-side is credited, at least visually, on the CD cover to M.Paserbye, it’s easy to surmise there’s a game going on, and not for nothing this Prospect-based singer reverted to his real name – although, going for an initial now, Jeremy still considers “J.Edmond” to be a moniker – as a fresh way to perceive the natural way of things. Not that the musician refuses to pursue a dreamlike perspective, his acoustically laced sound suggesting as much, yet the overall sonics of Edmond’s debut offering are just as earthly, especially in terms of voice, as they’re autumnally gauzy.

Still, while on “City Walk” a singer-songwriter sensibilities come given a pop shimmer which unfold slowly enough for vocal harmonies emerge ever so solemnly from J’s strum and the licks of A. Michael Collins’ fuzz guitar and Steve Rodgers’ lap steel, the “M.Paserbye” track lace its slightly stumbling, psychedelic vibe with country blues and enhanced intimacy, all courtesy of Edmond alone, in both composition’s form and delivery. What the performer’s ultimate creativity will amount to should remain to be seen, but his starting statements feel good.


April 18, 2024

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