Jack McDuff’s Previously Unheard Tapes Dusted Off For Release

It’s difficult to overestimate Jack McDuff‘s influence on rhythm-and-blues and rock organists, what with the likes Keith Emerson and Brian Auger being inspired by the American master of Hammond to project their own personality on original music. The soul-jazz legend may have had his finest hour back in the ’60s but Captain’s ’70s concerts were no less spectacular, as suggested by the “Check This Out” album from 1972, to the date McDuff’s only platter from that decade. Yet there’s another performance from the same year is forthcoming – recently uncovered and painstakingly restored.

Titled “Ain’t No Sunshine – Live In Seattle” to reflect the inclusion of the then-fresh Bill Withers’ smash and the place where its recording took place, “The Gallery” in the Emerald City on September 13th, 1972, this stage document overlaps with the aforementioned one only partially, and given Brother Jack’s improv skills, none of the pieces ever sounded too close to their airings on other dates, and any attempt at comparison should bring more value to an aficionado. It will be first issued as a double-vinyl set on April 20th, Record Store Day, yet the CD version scheduled for May 17th is to boast a bonus cut and an informative booklet, so there’s a choice to make before delving into the historic delight.

Ain’t No Sunshine –
Live In Seattle

1. Theme From Electric Surfboard
2. Three Blind Mice
3. Ain’t No Sunshine
4. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
5. Blues 1 & 8
6. (Unknown)
7. The Jolly Black Giant
8. Middle Class Folk Song
9. 6:30 In The Morning
bonus track – CD only:
10. Broadway (incomplete)

March 16, 2024

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