Jah Wobble’s New Album Maps His Regular Routes

To each their own: this can be said about many things, including working methods, especially in artistic sphere. Yet while a lot of creative minds prefer to stick to a particular approach, some people never stop experimenting – and Jah Wobble belongs to those restless folks. So if one of his former PIL colleagues, Keith Levene died not so long ago, and another, John Lydon, has just issued, under that collective’s name, a fresh song, the legendary bassist and producer came up with a totally original recording.

Called “The Bus Routes Of South London” and currently available for streaming and download via the veteran’s Bandcamp page, Wobble’s new album was written, as its title suggests, on various buses which Jah frequently used to ride, with a tablet in his hands, each of the record’s pieces depicting a single line – an experience the composer found entrancing. As is listening to it all.

The Bus Routes Of South London

1. 35 Towards Clapham Junction
2. 190 Towards Richmond
3. 37 Towards Peckham
4. 14 Towards Putney Heath
5. 21 Towards Lewisham Shopping Centre
6. 345 Towards South Ken
7. 12 Towards Dulwich Library
8. 430 Towards Roehampton
9. The Bus Routes Of South London

January 27, 2023

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