JANGLE TOWN – A Love So True

Cramada 2018

JANGLE TOWN - A Love So True

A Love So True

Debut statement from Swedish suppliers of garage jangle that rocks and rolls.

A Polaroid snapshot of this group on-stage may suggest they’re tuned into retro, but the Skövde collective don’t seem to pay much attention to the era they evoke while a tune is a good. And “A Love So True” is as good as its title rings, tom-toms propelling catchy guitar curlicues and slightly strident voice in the direction of self-righteous delight, where the “I’m in love with myself” is becoming a generational slogan…

…or would become if not for the loosened tension on middle eight where the band’s vulnerability is all obvious. That’s what makes the quintet’s music so alluring – and, when vocal harmonies join in at the end, simply irresistible. With such potential, retro can turn into the future.


March 22, 2018

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