JĀNIS BUKUMS – Purple Rain

Jānis Bukums 2018

JĀNIS BUKUMS - Purple Rain

Purple Rain

Latvian heavyweights give gravity to doom-laden gem and kiss the sky.

To cover a classic isn’t necessarily a difficult task yet it’s daunting to do it in a way that doesn’t demand a comparison to original and stands tall. Which was exactly how this ensemble – on their way to an album number three – treated a Prince perennial, translating his most popular piece into heavy metal with immense respect and taste.

What previously seemed like a latent heft has become a full-on Armageddon now, as tremulous strum and strident voice construct a spiritual ladder to paradise… or, possibly, a passage to the underworld, while angelic backing vocals instill seductive hope in a guitar squeal. Riffs reserved for solo, the power ballad sounds fresh, and even though it won’t reveal any new aspect to the song, there’s a sense of true triumph in this cover.


March 23, 2018

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