January 18, 2007


Known by a few for some months, now it’s official. Jerry Donahue, of FOTHERINGAY, FAIRPORTS and HELLECASTERS fame, informed DME that he’s “been given the go ahead to finish the “Fotheringay 2″ album and got access to all those wonderful recordings”. The work’s afoot already and, if things go according to plan, it will come out on Fledgling Records in October.

Tracks to be included are original versions of “Eppie Moray”, “Gypsy Davey”, “Late November”, “Lowlands Of Holland”, “John the Gun”, “Wild Mountain Thyme”, “Knights Of The Road”, “Silver Threads And Golden Needles”, “Two Weeks Last Summer”, “Bold Jack Donahue” and as yet unnamed instrumental written by Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue. Many of those are well-known in Sandy Denny’s solo versions, some found their way into the connoisseurs’ hands on bootlegs. Fortunately, the great band’s heritage is in the caring hands now and the previously unfinished masterpiece will eventually see the light of day.

DME’s set to follow the project’s progress so check in regularly to be in the known.


Recently, Rick Wakeman has delved into his piles of filmed recordings to compile a material for a project called “Visual Archive”. That’s going to be a series of official DVD bootlegs which span ’70s, ’80s and ’90s and will include very rare footage supposed to be lost for ever. The first release is to see the light of day in the first half of 2007.


That was a strange situation in 1984, when having left the YES name to Chris Squire, three other members of the band’s classic line-up – Steve Howe, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman – plus the ensemble’s first drummer, Bill Bruford – joined forces in a group called simply ABWH. They recorded an album and planned another one before YES reunited. Until that, though, they toured, and it’s that time that the “An Evening of Yes Music Plus” comes from. Available on VHS for a short span of time in 1994, now it’s out as a limited edition digipak containing two discs – one with a concert, and the other the “In The Big Dream” documentary, again previously out only on video cassette. After the first 2,000 pressing are sold out – and it’s already sold out, with the first 1,000 copies signed by the musicians, and yet 1,000 produced – there’ll just be a regular, single DVD edition up for grabs. And a 2CD-set, of course, with a corrected running order and augmented with a bonus track not previously available on the European edition of the original album.

Disc One:

1. Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s
Guide To The Orchestra
2. Jon Anderson Solo:
-Time And A Word / Teakbois /
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
3. Steve Howe Solo:
– The Clap / Mood For A Day
4. Rick Wakeman Solo
– Gone But Not Forgotten /
Catherine Parr / Merlin The Magician
5. Long Distance Runaround
6. Birthright
7. And You And I
8. I’ve Seen All Good People
9. Close To The Edge
10. Themes
11. Brother Of Mine

Disc Two:

1. The Meeting
2. Heart Of The Sunrise
3. Order Of The Universe
4. Roundabout
5. Starship Trooper
Bonus feature:
In The Big Dream
Brother Of MIne
Order Of The Universe
Quartet (I’m Alive)

Disc One:

1. Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s
Guide To The Orchestra
2. Jon Anderson Solo:
-Time And A Word / Teakbois /
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
3. Steve Howe Solo:
– The Clap / Mood For A Day
4. Rick Wakeman Solo:
– Gone But Not Forgotten
Catherine Parr / Merlin The Magician
5. Long Distance Runaround
6. Birthright
7. And You And I
8. I’ve Seen All Good People

Disc Two:

1. Close To The Edge
2. Themes
3. Brother Of Mine
4. Heart Of The Sunrise
5. Order Of The Universe
6. Roundabout
7. Starship Trooper


The ultimate Ian Gillan‘s DVD had been in the works for some time now, when those behind it were approached by Universal to take up the project. The 8-week edit made the footage fit on two discs full to the rafters with footage and music – there’s more than 6 hours! Big Ian, telling his story there, is said to be happy with the outcome and Ian Anderson who watched it like the film too. Now, it’s over to fans… but that’s all of the details that there is.


MIDNIGHT FLYER came to life rather unexpectedly for Maggie Bell‘s fans who didn’t think the finest British lady singing the blues would team up in another band after the STONE THE CROWS and her solo endeavor. But she did, and even though the only album the group – comprising Maggie, guitarist Antony Glynne, FOGHAT’s bassist Tony Stevens, drummer Dave Dowle famous for his stint with WHITESNAKE and ex-STRAWBS keyboard player Chris Parren – recorded didn’t fare too well, live MIDNIGHT FLYER were reported to be mighty. Now, there’s a proof: a DVD called “Live Montreux July 1981” is out on Angel Air in March. Recorded just supporting slot on the AC/DC European tour at the legendary Festival, the quintet delivered a nice set with a couple of American blues greats joining the Brits for the last numbers. With a couple of STONE THE CROWS tracks thrown in, this is a must:

1. Hey Boy
2. Danger Money
3. Love Games
4. Sweet Lovin’ Woman
5. Poor Little Jimmy
6. Rough Trade
7. French Kisses
8. Too Much Love
9. Penicillin Blues
Bonus tracks:
10. Bring It Home To Me (with Taj Mahal)
11. Chain Gang (with Taj Mahal)
12. Blues Jam (with Albert Collins)
13. Stormy Monday Blues (with Albert Collins)
Bonus features
Iinterview with Maggie Bell
History Of Midnight Flyer


Back in 1999, when Stuart Smith released his  "Heaven And Earth", it caused a little furore amongs the hard rock aficionados who were impressed with the guitarist’s top-notch material and mighty guests such as Carmine AppiceGlenn Hughes and
Joe Lynn Turner who helped deliver it. All of these – as well as Keith Emerson, Bobby Kimball, Richie Sambora, Howard Leese, Kelly Hansen and many others – are featured on “The Making Of Heaven & Earth” DVD, out now on Black Star Records and available on the HEAVEN & EARTH’s website. They don’t only talk about the project, the footage – and there’s over 4 hours of it – includes both studio and om-stage performances, electric and acoustic. Must be a gem.

The Songs1. Don’t Keep Me Waiting
2. Heaven & Earth
3. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
4. When A Blind Man Cries
5. Life On The Line
6. Dreams Of Desire
7. Still Got The Blues
8. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
9. It’s Got To Be Love
10. Shadow Of The Tyburn Tree
11. Road To Melnibone
12. When The Blues Catch Up With You/
Howlin At The Moon
13. Memories
14. Trouble In Paradise
15. Lose My Number
16 The Eyes Of Man
Live Footage1. Heaven & Earth
2. See That My Grave is Kept Clean
3. Dreams Of Desire
4. When A Blind Man Cries
5. Gavotte In E Major
6. Do You Ever Think About Me
7. It’s Gotta Be Love
8. Shadow Of The Tyburn Tree
9. When The Blues Catch Up With You
10. The Eyes Of Man
11. When The Stars Collide

January 18, 2007

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