January 24, 2010


As you might see, lately the site’s been slow on updates in the news sections, while the
reviews  and re-issues sections are afoot as usual, and some interviews have been in the works to appear here soon, the first of those being a conversation with Chris Norman. So, sorry for the delays – it’s just that the workload to be done in order to keep the family afloat is heavy and it’s hard to breathe. More so – and that’s quite the reason to put many other things, the site included, on ice – DME’s busy with his songwriting (all right, lyrics writing); with some words capturing the attention of a couple of great artists many times gracing these pages, the hopes are high for exiting future. Off with the excuses, then!


He might not play on THE PIRATES’ most known hit, “Shakin’ All Over”, but Mick Green who died on January 11, aged 65, was one of the most influential British rock guitarists, with Pete Townshend praying at his altar, and a player of choice for the elite, including Paul McCartney– the Beatle asked the Pirate to join him for the famous Cavern club gig (that’s after Green’s playing on Macca’s “Снова в СССР” and “Run Devil Run”). His composition “Oyeh!” is a gem among the jewels on DR. FEELGOOD’s masterpiece “Down By The Jetty”, also Mick Green had a hand in writing a few of the STATUS QUO numbers. The veteran’s guitar sounds on the records by Bryan Ferry and Van Morrison who Green worked with until recently. There’s less and less genuine guitar heroes left…


After the extravaganza staged at Hampton Court where he revisited “Six Wives Of Henry VIII”Rick Wakeman didn’t go for another royal enterprise; rather the keyboard wizard went back to his most beloved instrument, the piano, to deliver a new set of spiritual tunes. Titled “Always With You” and out now, it features, among hymns, Rick’s own classic “Gone But Not Forgotten” and, strange as it may seem with all the talks about the piece’s hidden Satanism, “Stairway To Heaven”. Not revolutionary but a nice addition to the Wakeman innumerable albums’ canon.

1. Ave Maria
2. Glory
3. The Piano Messiah
4. The Granary Canon
5. Beautiful Saviour
6. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring
7. My Redeemer
8. Moods Of Morning
9. Always With You
10. Kum-Ba-Ya
11. Gone But Not Forgotten
12. Stairway To Heaven


If it’s true and Roger Chapman has stopped active touring, as it was reported, having two more records from the FAMILY man is even greater than to have them simply released. The first of these is “Live At The Y” which captured the show by the veteran warbler and his band THE SHORTLIST on December 21st , 2007, plus there’s three bonus tracks from the following day.

CD 1

1. Habits Of A Lifetime
2. Prisoner
3. Kiss My Soul
4. Moth To A Flame
5. Downbound Train
6. Slow Down / Cat Called Kokomo
7. Weaver’s Answer
8. Burlesque
9. 18 Wheels And A Crowbar
10. X-Town

CD 2

1. My Friend The Sun / Oh Brother
2. Shank / Toenail Draggin’
3. No Mules Fool
4. Jesus And The Devil
bonus tracks
5. Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun
6. Shank / Shortlist
7. Midnite Child

The second disc is from the duo of Roger Chapman and Charlie Whitney. Previously out as “The Streetwalkers” to later transform it all into the band with the same name, now there’s a new version out, called “First Cut”. It differs from the original release in terms of mix, as it’s been taken from the original master tapes, and has the authors-planned running order. That’s how it looks like:

1. Hangman
2. Roxianna
3. Sue & Betty Jean
4. Call Ya
5. Just 4 Men
6. Tokyo Rose
7. Creature Feature
8. Parisienne High Heels
9. Systematic Stealth
10. Showbiz Joe


After GORKY PARK in the late ’80s, Russian import to the worldwide rock scene has been close to zilch, but soon the hard rock fans everywhere will have the chance to get to know PUSHKING. Relatively known in their homeland, their new album, “The World As We Love It”, which is being mastered now, features new versions of the band’s songs recorded with heavy guests. Quite a reason to investigate!

1. Night Rider (Billy Gibbons)
2. It’ll Be O.K. (Billy Gibbons, Nuno Bettencourt)
3. Blessing Traveller ( John Lawton, Steve Stevens)
4. Cut The Wire (Paul Stanley, Stevie Salas)
5. God Made Us Free (Graham Bonnet, Al Perkins)
6. Head Shooter ( Joe Lynn Turner )
7. Heroin (Jorn Lande)
8. I Believe (Jeff Scott Soto)
9. I Love You ( Dan McCafferty)
10. My Reflection After Seeing
The Schindler’s List Movie (Steve Vai)
11. My Simple Song (Dan McCafferty)
12. Nature’s Child (Udo Dirkschneider)
13. Open Letter To God (Eric Martin)
14. Private Own ( Glenn Hughes, Matt Filippini)
15. Tonight (Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa)
16. Trouble Love (Alice Cooper, Keri Kelli)
17. Why Don’t You (Glenn Hughes, Al Perkins)
18. Kukarracha
(Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Eric Martin,
Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes; Steve Lukather)

19. That’s All That Love Can Do

January 24, 2010

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