January 25, 2007


This year FAIRPORT CONVENTION can be delighted – expletively or not – for there’s a string of events happening in the great folkies’ camp.

First off, it makes sense to remind all that DME has the privilege of exclusively reporting on the “Fotheringay 2” album’s restoring process, mentioned before here.

Then – and, hopefully, this will turn into a record, too – the FAIRPORTS line-up behind the immense “Liege & Lief” LP, out in 1970, will re-unite for one-off show at the Cropredy Convention on August 10th to play the album its entirety. Sure, there’s going to be a huge gap amidst Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Swarbrick, Dave Mattacks and Simon Nicol, as Sandy Denny isn’t among the living anymore, but the singer’s position is to be taken by THE ALBION BAND’s former vocalist Chris While.

Not ones to be dwelling in the past (well, not at the recent past anyway), FAIRPORT CONVENTION come up with their new studio outing with a telling title “Sense Of Occasion” on February 12th. Mostly composed by the band members, their old friends and popular writer known as Trad Arr – note the inclusion of the new take on Scottish classic “Tam Lin”, originally recorded on “Liege & Lief” – the album also features “Love On A Farmboy’s Wages” by XTC’s Andy Partridge and “Untouchable” by the SQUEEZE main man, Glenn Tilbrook. Quite teasing!

1. Keep On Turning The Wheel
2. Love On A Farmboy’s Wages
3. The Bowman’s Return
4. South Dakota To Manchester
5. Spring Song
6. Polly On The Shore
7. Just Dandy
8. Tam Lin
9. In Our Town
10. Edge Of The World
11. Hawkwood’s Army
12. The Vision – Bill Miller
13. Your Heart And Mine
14. Untouchable
15. Galileo’s Apology
16. Best Wishes


To see the shining again: it’s something that’s been performed once in while since the beginning of the remastering era when some artists regained enough control of their catalogue to try and present their records as they were meant to be originally before the label butted in and insisted on contorting the writers’ idea. That’s exactly what happened with the STACKRIDGE‘s fifth album, 1976’s “Mr Mick”. Based on a poem, it featured dialogue lines alongside the songs, so the record company didn’t take a shine to the finished result and ordered the removal of most of those lines. The band didn’t like to do so yet couldn’t have it their way. Not that what came out was bad but, given a chance, the band restored it for the April 2nd release on Angel Air – coupled with the well-known LP version in remastered form.

CD 1 – Original version:

1. Hey! Good Looking
2. Breakfast With Werner Von Braun
3. Mr Mick’s Waltz
4. Mr Mick’s Dream
5. The Cotton Reel Song
6. The Steam Radio Song
7. The Slater’s’ Waltz
8. Hazy Dazy Holiday
9. Coniston Water
10. Can Inspiration Save The Nation?
11. Mr Mick’s New home
12. Fish In A Glass

CD 2 – LP version:

1. Hold Me Tight
2. Breakfast With Werner Von Braun
3. The Steam Radio Song
4. The Dump
5. Save A Red Face
6. The Slater’s Waltz
7. Coniston Water
8. Hey! Good Looking
9. Fish In A Glass


January 25, 2007

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