January 3, 2006


The rock aristocracy’s list gets longer and longer, with Queen Elizabeth II dispensing Orders of the British Empire – but it’s most surprising that Jimmy Page has received his OBE not for steering LED ZEPPELIN but for his work with a Task Brazil group that provides food, clothing, shelter and medical care for children. Jim’s been involved with the charity institution since 1994 when, on his trip to Rio de Janeiro to promote the PAGE / PLANT “No Quarter” album, the guitar legend witnessed street gangs fighting.

Meanwhile, his partner in crime, Robert Plant, is honored with two Grammy nominations: “Shine It All Around” fits into Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance category and “Tin Pan Valley” is in for Best Hard Rock Performance”. Hopefully, Percy snatch the prize from the less worthy. Yet he’s much more concerned with charity activities as well, having donated $60,000 to an organization that aids nomadic people in drought-stricken West Africa. The golden warbler had already channelled that way proceeds from his latest EP, but the sales were rather poor, so he had to act differently.

The piper has surely led P&P to reason.


With all the unlikely talk about the next BLACKMORE’S NIGHT album being a collection of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW re-makes, there seems to be something to the ring, as “Village Lanterne”, out on February 6th, indeed includes “Child In Time” that Ritchie’s current band often performed live in the recent years, and “Street Of Dreams”. More so, there’s two versions of the latter on the record, the second featuring the original singer, Joe Lynn Turner duetting with Candice Night.

1. 25 Years
2. Olde Village Lanterne
3. I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
4. The Messenger
5. World Of Stone
6. Faerie Queen
7. St. Teresa
8. Village Dance
9. Mond Tanz / Child In Time
10. Streets Of London
11. Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There)
12. Olde Mill Inn
13. Windmills
14. Street Of Dreams
15. Once In A Garden (Japan-only bonus)
16. Street Of Dreams (feat. Joe Lynn Turner)


Hot on the heel of the last year’s “My Secret LifeEric Burdon comes up with a new studio set. Bearing a title of “Soul Of A Man”, it features some fine blues – as usual.

1. Soul Of A Man
2. Kingsize Jones
3. Red Cross Store
4. Como Se Llama Mama
5. Forty Days And Forty Nights
6. Feeling Blue
7. Never Give Up Blues
8. GTO
9. Forty Four
10. Slow Moving Train
11. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down
12. Devil Run
13. I Don’t Mind
14. Circuit Rider


Recent CREAM shows on the both sides of the Atlantic reinstated Jack Bruce‘s position as the real driving force of the band – a honor many hang on Eric Clapton – and the interest in the blues giant has been deepening ever since. So there couldn’t be a better time for a great archival release that is “Jack Bruce At Rockpalast”, a fantastic double-DVD set which includes three concerts – unfortunately, not all in their entirety. The first, though, is a full show recorded with the best band Jack’s ever had – with Clem Clempson, David Sancious and Billy Cobham; this one has been out on DVD before, but it’s worth buying again for its completeness. More attractive, still, are the other two performances, the 1983 show with David Sancious and Bruce Gary, and a unique one from 1990, when there was Bruce alone, at the piano. A must-have item for a nice price.

DVD 1:
Grugahalle, Essen, 1980
1. White Room
2. Post War
3. Hit And Run
4. Running Back
5. Facelift 318
6. Theme For An Imaginary Western
7. X Marks The Spot
8. Dancing On Air
9. Out To Lunch
10. Living Without You
11. Politician
12. Bird Alone
13. Sunshine Of Your Love
14. N.S.U
15. Spoonful
Music Hall, Cologne, 1990
16. Third Degree
17. Flying
18. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
19. Theme For An Imaginary Western
20. Weird Of Hermiston
21. Tickets To Waterfalls
22. Golden Days
23. One
24. Pieces Of Mind
25. Traintime
26. The Best Is Still To Come
DVD 2:

Zeche Bochum, 1983
1. Boogie
2. Uptown Breakdown
3. Travlin Child
4. Green & Blue
5. The Swarm
6. Automatic Pilot
7. Rollin And Tumblin
8. Keep It Down
9. First Time I Meet The Blues
10. Bird Alone
11. I’m So Glad
12. Spoonful
13. N.S.U


With all the fuss about Bono and Sinead, there was no greater all-round musician in Ireland than Rory Gallagher who, sadly, passed away ten years ago. For all to remember the guitar wizard, out is a limited edition of “The Definitive Collection” 3 DVD box set gathering all Rory’s performances for the Rockpalast TV programme – from 1976 through to 1990. With only the first disc (released separately before) spanning almost 3 hours. there’s no need for another reason to grab the box.

DVD 1:
Studio-L, Cologne, 1976
1. Pistol Slapper Blues
2. Too Much Alcohol
3. Out On The Western Plain
4. Banker’s Blues
5. Rag Mama Rag
6. Nothing But The Devil
7. Goin’ To My Hometown
8. I Take What I Want
9. Calling Card
10. Secret Agent
11. Do You Read Me
12. Bought And Sold
13. Country Mile
14. Jacknife Beat
15. Boogie
Grugahalle, 1977
16. Messin’ With The Kid
17. I Take What I Want
18. A Garbage Man
19. Moonchild
20. Secret Agent
21. Calling Card
22. Out On The Western Plain
23. Barley And Grape Rag
24. Tattooed Lady
25. Souped Up Ford
26. Bullfrog Blues
27. Bought And Sold
Jam with Frankie Miller, Wiesbaden, 1979
28. Bullfrog Blues
29. Walkin’ The Dog
30. Sea Cruise
31. Around And Around
32. Roll Over Beethoven
DVD 2:

Loreley, 1982
1. Wayward Child
2. Double Vision
3. Big Guns
4. What In The World
5. Nadine
6. Follow Me
7. Bad Penny
8. Borbon
9. Jinxed
10. Moonchild
11. Brute Force And Ignorance
12. The Devil Made Me Do It
13. Western Plain
14. Ride On Red
15. Philby
16. Shadow Play
17. Skin Hicker
18. Peter Gun
Jam Session, 1982
19. Knocking on Heaven’s Door
20. I’m Ready
21. Medley:
Lucille / Dust My Broom / I’m Movin’ / Be-Bop A-Lula
22. Slow Down
23. I Have The Blues

DVD 3:
Wiesbaden, 1979
1. Shin Kicker
2. Last Of The Independents
3. Off The Handle
4. Bought And Sold
5. Shadow Play
6. Million Miles Away
7. Hell Cat
8. Out On The Western Plain
9. Too Much Alcohol
10. Going To My Hometown
11. Tattooed Lady
12. Secret Agent
13. Roberta
14. Might Be
Cologne, 1990
15. Continental Op
16. Don’t Start Me Talkin
17. Mean Disposition
18. Kid Gloves
19. Middle Name
20. King Of Zydeco
21. Out On The Western Plain
22. Empire State Express
23. The Loop
24. Garbage Man
25. My Baby She Left Me
26. Shadow Play
27. Shin Kicker
28. Born Under A Bad Sign (with Jack Bruce)
29. I’m Ready (with Jack Bruce)
30. Politician (with Jack Bruce)
31. Bullfrog Blues


For a band with a 40-year long lifespan, THE MOODY BLUES seem to quite underserve the fandom with concert releases, especially with those stripped bare of the orchestral backing. If fact, “Lovely to See You: Live From The Greek” double CD and the accompanying DVD is the first such album since 1969’s famed “The Moody Blues Live + 5”. Recorded lin LA on June 11th, 2005, the set features the stalwart Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge helped out with some good friends including keyboards maestro Paul Bliss. Fine release, classy music.

1. Lovely To See You
2. Tuesday Afternoon
3. Lean On Me
4. The Actor
5. Steppin’ In A Slide Zone
6. The Voice
7. Talking Out Of Turn
8. I Know You’re Out There Somewhere
9. The Story In Your Eyes
10. Forever Autumn
11. Your Wildest Dreams
12. Isn’t Life Strange
13. The Other Side Of Life
14. December Snow
15. Higher & Higher
16. Are You Sitting Comfortably?
17. Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band)
18. Nights In White Satin
19. Question
20. Ride My See-Saw


Being such a prolific songwriter, it’s most amazing that Ray Davies hasn’t release a proper, fully-fledged solo album. In order to correct a situation and having alerted the public with “Thanksgiving Day” and “The Tourist” EPs, Captain Kink brings forth “Other People’s Lives” on February 7th. Quite an achievement! What other people really long for, though, is the KINKS’ reunion that both Ray and Dave, now almost back to form after the stroke, have no objections to.

1. Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
2. After the Fall
3. Next Door Neighbour
4. All She Wrote
5. Creatures Of Little Faith
6. Run Away from Time
7. The Tourist
8. Is There Life After Breakfast?
9. The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
10. Other People’s Lives
11. Stand Up Comic
12. Over My Head
13. Thanksgiving Day

January 3, 2006

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