January 30, 2002


Former IRON MAIDEN drummer Clive Burr was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and his friends get in the action to help. There are some events planned benefitting Clive Burr Multiple Sclerosis Trust Fund, the first of them being three (one, of March 19th added just recently because the first two are sold out) shows in Brixton.

Then, there’s the most famous single featuring Clive, “Run To The Hills”, is to be re-released on March 11th in three formats, all limited editions containing previously unreleased material from the “Beast On The Road Tour” recordings made in 1982 at the Hammersmith Odeon and the Reading Festival. CD1 also features a version of the title song taken from the upcoming live album and an enhanced video created from footage from the DVD which will be out later in the year. CD 2 includes a remake of the original 1982’s video. The third format is the special red vinyl, replicating the original single.

The aforementioned live album is “Rock In Rio”, that will come out on March, 25th as a double CD recorded at Rio’s festival in January, 2001. It’s over 120 mins of music, and the tracks are:
The Wicker Man, Ghost Of The Navigator, Brave New World, Wrathchild, Two Minutes to Midnight, Blood Brothers, Sign Of The Cross, The Mercenary, The Trooper, Dream Of Mirrors, The Clansman, The Evil That Men Do, Fear Of The Dark, Iron Maiden, Number Of The Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Sanctuary, Run To The Hills.


For all those who wondered how Steve Hackett weaves his sonic spells, maestro himself readies the sheet music. So far, the guitarist has completed 19 pieces, which can be downloaded in .pdf format from his site.


Having served about a quarter of the century to Warner Bros, VAN HALEN parted company with the label. So far, neither of the parties commented on the spilt, while the rumours of the band getting back either David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar for their next endeavour are still abound.


March will see the release of a medieval rock opera called “Beto Vasquez’s Infinity” featuring Candice Night on three songs, including “Promises Under The Rain”, on which Ritchie Blackmore’s missus duets with NIGHTWISH’s Tarja Turunen and EDENBRIDGE’s Sabine Edelsbacher. As of male voices, there are Jorg Michael of STRATOVARIUS and Fabio Lione of RHAPSODY.


“FAIRPORT unCONVENTIONal” is the title of the grand box set celebrating the 35th anniversary of British folk rock pioneers. There are not only four themed CDs in it, but also 148-page book, containing the ensemble’s history and Pete Frame-sketched definitive Family Tree, plus Cropredy souvenir booklet. All in all 75 digitally remastered tracks, mostly previously unrelased, make over 5 hours of music.

CD1 is a chronological overview of the band’s career with singles, key moments, live tracks and rare versions of songs that tell their complete story; CD2 presents a collection of hard-to-find and unreleased material including B-sides, private material, “lost” sessions, live tracks, radio and TV tracks; CD3 compises the songs telling epic tales from British history; and CD4 documents core FAIRPORT repertoire, with mostly non-standard and unreleased versions.

CD1: A History

1. Meet On The Ledge (Cropredy, 1990)
2. Wings (Cropredy, 1997)
3. If I Had A Ribbon Bow (single, 1967)
4. Lay Down Your Weary Tune (1st radio session, 1967)
5. A Shattering Live Experience (BBC, 1969)
6. Nottamun Town (alternative version, 1968)
7. Si Tu Dois Partir (radio, 1968)
8. Come All Ye (“Liege & Lief” out-take , 1969)
9. Tam Lin (“Liege & Lief” out-take, 1969)
10. Dirty Linen (Cropredy, 1988)
11. Staines Morris (Philadelphia Folk Fest, 1970)
12. Journeyman’s Grace (1970)
13. Angel Delight (Cropredy, 1997)
14. Time Is Near (Hill-Farnell line-up, 1972)
15. Polly On The Shore (live, 1973)
16. Rising For The Moon (BBC session, 1974)
17. Reynard The Fox (TV, 1987)
18. Rubber Band (Simon’s records, 1980)
19. Naked Highwayman (Bottom Line, 1998)
20. The Wood And The Wire (Cropredy, 1999)
21. The Crowd (Woodworm, 2002)
22. One Sure Thing (first demo, 1967)

CD2: Rareport Convention

1. Sir B McKenzie (1976)
2. Suzanne (1968)
3. Time Will Show The Wiser (1968)
4. Mr Lacey (Dutch TV, 1969)
5. Reno Nevada (French TV, 1968)
6. Percy’s Song (1968)
7. Dear Landlord (1968)
8. I Don’t Believe You (“Nine” out-take, 1973)
9. The Deserter (BBC, 1970)
10. Farewell To A Poor Man’s Son (BBC-TV, 1973)
11. Sad Song (The Manor Sessions, 1972)
12. Autopsy (1968)
13. It’s Now Or Never (with Steve Tilston, 2000)
14. The Lady Is A Tramp (BBC Top Gear, 1968)
15. General Taylor (Chicago, 1972)
16. Accountancy Shanty (Hull, 1989)
17. A Sailor’s Life(Southampton, 1969)

CD3: A Fairport History

1. Sir Patrick Spens (1969)
2. Wat Tyler (York, 1992)
3. Flowers Of The Forest (London 1977)
4. Fotheringay (Symonds on Sunday, 1969)
5. To Althea (Cropredy 1984)
6. Red And Gold (Cropredy 1996)
7. Lord Marlborough (El Pea, 1971)
8. Adieu Adieu (TV, 1976)
9. Here’s To Tom Paine (Weston-Super-Mare, 1997)
10. Bonny Bunch Of Roses (Australia , 1977)
11. Breakfast In Mayfair (Sandy Denny/Simon Nicol, 1973)
12. Battle Of The Somme (Troubador, 1970)
13. Summer Before The War (BBC In Concert, 1990)
14. Genesis Hall (Cropredy, 1993)
15. Jewel In The crown (Apollo 1995)

CD4: Classic Convention

1. Walk Awhile (Bumpers, 1970)
2. John Gaudie (Bottom Line, 1998)
3. Hexamshire Lass (Capital Radio, 1976)
4. Slip Jigs And Reels (Oxford Apollo, 1995)
5. Bowman’s Retreat (Cropredy 1998)
6. Poor Will & Jolly Hangman (Moat on the Ledge, 1982)
7. Crazy Man Michael (“Fairport” out-take, 1969)
8. Rosie (Melbourne, 1996)
9. Farewell Farewell (“Fairport” rehearsal, 1969)
10. Dangerous (Bottom Line, 1998)
11. Bridge Over The River Ash (Peel show, 1970)
12. Now Be Thankful (BBC World Service, 1970)
13. Hiring Fair (Cropredy, 1989)
14. Stranger To himself (UBU, 1974)
15. Sloth (UBU, 1974)
16. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (BBC, 1968)
17. Matty Groves (special compiled multi-version)
18. Meet On The Ledge (BBC, 1968)

January 30, 2002

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