January 6, 2002


The British sources say, this June, on The Queen’s Birthday George Harrison will be honoured with the knighthood. This will be the first time the honour will be awarded posthumously, although the 2002’s list had been compiled before The Quiet One passed away.

Meanwhile, there’s the “My Sweet Lord” single re-issue coming out on January 14th with all the profits to be channeled to the Material World Charitable Foundation. George founded the charity in 1973 in order to support those working with children and the poor – it was set up at the time of Harrison’s album, “Living In The Material World”, and the artist donating royalties from nine of eleven songs to the foundation.


The Summer should bring a new live album from Mr Ozzy Osbourne, who’s going to record his upcoming Japanese concerts. With no title as of yet, it’s announced the album will include three previously unreleased studio tracks, among them “Black Skies”, which was originally recorded for a video game, that is not to be released due to the manufacturer went bankrupt.


After two highly acclaimed “Guitar Zeus” albums involving top guitarists, drumming legend Carmine Appice is releasing the follow-up with Korean guitar players coming onboard to solo. As of now, the album is at the mixing stage operated by famous Pat Regan. No word on worldwide release at the moment, so the world should hold breath looking at Carmine meeting his old buddy Tim Bogert and Jim McCarty in New York for some playing: as a result, there may be new CACTUS album. That’s not all – it’s Appice, in the end of the day! – in February he and Tim Stevens will be recording a tribute album to Japanese rock bands. Carmine will sing a song – and not to rest on the laurels, he’s to do two drum clinics.


“Project Shangri-La” is the name of a new album from Lana Lane, that’s out on January 23rd. This time, songs for prog metal primadonna are written and co-written by some unexpected musicians: DREAMTIDE’s guitarist Helge Engelke is partly responsible for “Encore”, Mark Boals for “(Life Is) Only A Dream” – both men make guest appearances on the album – and there’s “I Believe In You” which John Wetton composed. Drums duties for the project are fulfilled by none other than mighty Vinny Appice.


N-M-C Music have some more unique stuff to share soon with all willing.

The first comes Brian James, the former DAMNED guitarist who compose the first British punk single, “New Rose”, with the 2-CD set containing two full-length albums from the early ’80s and late ’90s. Disc one features “The Dripping Lips Sessions” album, released in 1998 only in the USA, while the second CD is James’ solo album unavailable for 10 years.
Disc 1: The Dripping Lips Sessions
Powerful, What’s On Your MInd, Such A Lot Of Stars, You Treat Me Too Kind, Hell Girl, Damn You, Push Push, When The Dreams Say No, I Can’t Reach Ya, Never Too Old, Once Upon A Time, My Heaven;
Disc 2: 
The Twist, Cut Throat, Slow It Down, Another Time Another Crime, I Said No, Bibbly Bubbly Crisis, Ain’t That A Shame, Prime Time Blues, You Try, Cut Across Shorty, Polka Dot Shot, Popeyed, I Said No (Dub), Becoming A Nuisance

Then, legendary Prince Lincoln. There are first outings in a series of catalogue re-issues by great Jamaican featuring many previously unreleased recordings.
“Humanity” is a 2 CD set including the original album plus bonus disc “Liberated Dub”” unissued before:
The album:
San Salvador, They Know Not Jah, Old Time Friends, Unconventional People, Humanity, Mr. Kissinger, Kingston;
Liberated Dub:
Moonlight City, Balefu, Waterhouse, Maverly, Riverton City, Cockburn Pen, Bell Rock, Whitewing Walk, Tower Hill,Central Village

“True Experience” is Prince Lincoln’s unreleased extended 12″ DJ-sound system mixes of favourite roots reggae tracks as well as a bonus disc featuring the white label dub album of “True Experience”, entitled “Harder-Na-Rass”:
Disc 1:
Nobody Here But Me, Blessed Are The Meek, Slave Driver, Jah Love, Babylon Is Falling, True Experience, For Once In My Life, Walk In Jah Light, Jungle Fever, Thanksgiving (While You’re Living)
Disc 2:
Interstellar Over Dub, Second Sight, Nebular Dub, Time Wharp, Universally Dubbed, Terrestrial Dub, Gravitational Echoes, Dub Vortex, Regenerated Dub, Cosmic Silence

ROLLINS BAND recordings receive a new lease of life on N-M-C starting with the 1992’s“The End Of Silence”. Initial copies of the album will contain a bonus disc of both studio and live material including extended jams of previously unreleased tracks making, thus the complete “End Of Silence” sessions. The album has been remastered by Henry Rollins:
Disc 1:
Low Self Opinion, Grip,Tearing, You Didn’t Need, Almost Real, Obscene, What Do You Do, Blues Jam, Another Life, Just Like You, (There’ll Be No) Next Time;
Disc 2:
Ghost Rider, Earache My Eye, Do It, Crazy Lover, Low Self Opinion, Tearing, Another Life, Lie Lie Lie, Move Right In, Jam with Vernon Reid, Jam with BUTTHOLE SURFERS

And, at last, STARCASTLE‘s “Shine On Brightly”, the US proggers caught in the act. Theu were likened to KANSAS, STYX and even YES; this live show was recorded on the band’s third album tour promoting their most successful release “Citadel”:
Shine On Brightly, Forces, Can’t Think Twice, Could This Be Love, Change In Time, Lady Of The Lake. Breath And Thunder, Fountains Of Light.

January 6, 2002

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