January 7, 2001


IRON MAIDEN have earned their second “Grammy” Award nomination for the “The Wicker Man,” the opening track on 2000’s hit album “Brave New World”, which is up for the Best Metal Performance award. Their previous nomination was in 1994 for the live version of “Fear Of The Dark” on “A Real Live One” album.

“We’ve never followed trends, but we’ve definitely tried to set them in the metal world. IRON MAIDEN is out to prove what real heavy metal is all about and that songwriting ability, instrumental ability and singing ability are important,” said singer Bruce Dickinson. “I suppose it’s nice and flattering to be nominated for a “Grammy” because that means at least some people in the music industry recognize the quality of your music, but in the end it’s not really that important. In our book it has always been what the fans think that counts.”


On the verge of his legendary “All Things Must Pass” album ex-Beatle George Harrison set up a web site of his own at www.allthingsmustpass.com. The site is astonishing, leaving the BEATLES’ one far behind.

The double-CD set is to be released on January 23.

January 7, 2001

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