Jay Tausig Deep-Dives Into VDGG and Daevid Allen’s Gems

Ambition and submission: these contradictory concepts underlie each and every tribute album that’s masterminded by a single artist or ensemble who choose to sculpt an entire record out of another performer’s pieces and creatively appropriate other people’s classics while being faithful to originals. It’s a difficult task, yet Jay Tausig is experienced, and respected, enough to not only embark on such a trip but also have fun with the endeavor of covering his favorite compositions – or, rather, endeavors, as March 7th and 9th saw the Californian multi-instrumentalist issue two records, a homage to VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR and to his great late friend Daevid Allen of SOFT MACHINE and, of course, GONG fame.

Available for download, both bear the artwork by Ed Unitsky and both are special in their own right, the VDGG record finding Jay reimagine the band’s 1977 gem “The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome” in its entirety, while the Allen album, titled “Wise Man In Your Heart” and featuring ex-HAWKWIND’s Bridget Wishart, sees Tausig fill his 50th Bandcamp release with the Head Pixie’s finest solo moments. Perhaps, one should be a genuine aficionado to fully appreciate the American progger’s approach to the familiar and obscure melodic treasures, although admiring the results of his efforts doesn’t require a lot of listening labors.

The Quiet Zone /
The Pleasure Dome

The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome:
1. Lizard Play
2. The Habit Of The Broken Heart
3. The Siren Song
4. Last Frame
5. The Wave
6. Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)
7. The Sphinx In The Face
8. Chemical World
9. The Sphinx Returns
bonus tracks:
10. Door
11. Ship Of Fools


Wise Man In Your Heart

Wise Man In Your Heart:
1. Magic Brother, Mystic Sister
2. No One’s Slave, No One’s Master
3. Children Of The New World
4. Came To Find Her
5. Fine Air For Fliss
6. 5 and 20 Schoolgirls
7. Oh My Poor Brother
8. Shadow
9. Garden Song
10. Owly Song
11. She
12. Wise Man In Your Heart

March 11, 2024

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