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JEFF CHRISTIE - For All Mankind

For All Mankind

Remembered all over the world for the perennial “Yellow River” that he wrote for CHRISTIE, the band which bore his name and get back in action once in a while even now, Jeff Christie has never stopped writing but, every time and again looks back into his past. When it happens, the singer usually lets previously unreleased tracks out in the open, just like he did on 2012’s "No Stone Unturned", yet now the veteran reworked the the title track of CHRISTIE’s second album, from 1971, for a new single, “For All Mankind,” available currently via iTunes and Amazon. It’s a very fresh take on the classic cut, with a prominent brass section in its arrangement.

When we asked Jeff Christie about the single, he said:
“I wrote this piece after watching a documentary about World War I but appropriated it to World War 2, as I was born just after that war and refer to that in the opening lines of the song, although it is relevant to all conflict and war.
I’d always wanted to record it with a brass band for the rich warmth that a brass band can give when embedded into the track. The original was very stripped down and raw, but this new version has an iconic NORTHERN BRASS Band underpinning the track. As a small boy I loved watching brass bands in the park, it was that feeling that I somehow wanted to ‘re-live’ in this recording.
The lyric speaks for itself, and what most of us wish for, one can dream!”

And here’s the review.

May 2, 2015

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