Tarpan 2016

Invitation that’s hard to refuse: one singer’s personal journey commences in earnest.


Walk With Me

As any seasonal experience, the piety of Jennifer Saran’s Christmas album has proved to be transitional. No, the singer’s second record still has a lot of spirituality to it, the gospel-infused choruses of “Leap Of Faith” searching for higher ground, but there’s much wider variety of moods, and grooves, on display, as Balearic licks of “Sexy Time” explore nether regions of one’s soul.

Down with finely dressed disco beat from producer and co-writer Narada Michael Walden, Jennifer delivers inspired messages to her sacred lover, with “You Are My Man” and “Let My Love Stand” as delicate bookends of this 18-piece voyage into emotional swirl where “Last Kiss” and the title track, strings washing over Saran’s soprano, are the slowest, and most seductive, of all.

Yet while baroque and reggae conspire to render “Wherever You Are” irresistible, and heavy bass and romantic guitar tilt “It’s Not Over” on the rocks, “Let’s Get Away” is offering escape towards dancefloor and away, to “Rise Up Time” with its tribal uplift. A very light work, this album is a perfect summer companion – or reminder of hot days during other seasons.


August 2, 2016

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