Jeremy Spencer Goes Latin

Always associated with blues as a member of FLEETWOOD MAC’s triple-guitar line-up, Jeremy Spencer‘s creative palette is much broader, and the veteran is veering away from his original genre on “Latina Night”: the third album available only for download or streaming. Spencer’s last physical release was 2014’s "Coventry Blue" and since then Jeremy’s been working on a less prominent scale, which doesn’t mean inferior quality of work, this record seeing the Englishman reminiscing instrumentally and sentimentally, on the years spent in Brazil.

And that’s what this wordless album looks like:

JEREMY SPENCER - Latina Nights

Latina Nights

1. Latina Nights
2. Bailarina Karina
3. Manzanillo
4. Gladrags Ball
5. Flame In My Heart
6. Birds Of A Feather
7. Guitarras Deslizante
8. Cerulean Blue
9. Birdcalls
10. Chirping In The Rain
11. You’ll Be Soaring Again
12. Dancing Into May
13. Farewell To Fatima
14. Dancing Angels
15. Moonlight Swim
16. Gitana

April 11, 2019

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