Jeremy Spencer kickstarts a way to “Blue”

JEREMY SPENCER - Coventry Blue

Coventry Blue

Jeremy Spencer might be seen as lesser legend that his erstwhile FLEETWOOD MAC’s colleague Peter Green but in terms of comeback Spencer’s path has been steadier, his 2012’s album "Bend In The Road" little short of sensational. And now the guitarist’s not only ready to give the world its follow-up, “Coventry Blue,” but also tour America for the first time in 43 years. When Jeremy was finally granted a new visa, it was too late to promote his previous record yet, with a new one in the pipeline, there’s another chance to improve the veteran’s financial affairs.

As a means to do it, to release the album and fulfill the schedule mapped out from February 12th to March 31st, Spencer turned to a crowdfunding platform. His Kickstarter project has some nice perks for backers, given the artist’s talent not only as a musician but also as a painter. And here’s a video to convince the doubters in Jeremy Spencer’s ability to still shine.

January 10, 2014

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