JETHRO TULL Inflate “Bursting Out”

Restoring a classic live album to its original running order by inserting previously unreleased tracks only to ruin its organic flow by appending soundcheck recordings to each of its two discs seems highly illogical – yet that’s the exact crime the compilers of JETHRO TULL‘s “Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition” committed. This unexpected addition to what to date has been, with the exclusion of the band’s first platters, a chronological reissue programme is to be out on June 21st as a typical for the series box set comprising three CDs and three DVDs, with sound remixed by, of course, Steven Wilson.

Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition

While many connoisseurs assumed the on-stage compilation was replaced in the reissues’ array by 1978’s Berne show included into the "New Shoes Edition" of “Heavy Horses” in 2017 – handled, for a change, by Jakko JakszykIan Anderson decided to go for a familiar longplay and present it in stereo and surround mixes, alongside, on DVDs, flat transfer. Those, presumably, could make a single DVD rather than two which correspond to the first two CDs, whereas the third CD and third DVD are dedicated to TULL’s Madison Square Garden concert from the same year and contains a video that doesn’t completely cover the audio track yet is unique thanks to the presence of a temporary bassist Tony Williams. Not too essential, perhaps, but rather irresistible nevertheless – especially when there’s an early run through “4.W.D (Low Ratio)” destined to end up on the “A” album two years later.

CD 1 – Bursting Out:
1. Introduction by Claude Nobs
2. No Lullaby
3. Sweet Dream
4. Skating Away (On The Thin Ice Of The New Day)
5. Jack-In-The-Green
6. One Brown Mouse
7. Heavy Horses
8. A New Day Yesterday
9. Flute Solo Improvisation (incl. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & Bourée)
10. Living In The Past (instrumental)
11. Songs From The Wood
Soundcheck Recordings:
12. No Lullaby
13. Sweet Dream
14. Heavy Horses
15. Botanic Man
16. 4.W.D (Low Ratio)

CD 2 – Bursting Out:
1. Thick As A Brick
2. Hunting Girl
3. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!
4. Conundrum
5. Minstrel In The Gallery
6. Cross-Eyed Mary
7. Quatrain
8. Aqualung
9. Locomotive Breath
10. The Dambusters March
Soundcheck Recordings:
11. Conundrum
12. Quatrain
13. The Dambusters March

CD 3 – Live at Madison Square Garden, October 1978 – audio:
1. Sweet Dream Fanfare
2. Sweet Dream
3. One Brown Mouse
4. Heavy Horses
5. Thick As A Brick
6. No Lullaby
7. Flute Solo Improvisation (incl. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen & Bourée)
8. Songs From The Wood (with Pibroch intro)
9. Quatrain
10. Aqualung
11. Locomotive Breath
12. The Dambusters March
13. A Single Man (incl. Drum Solo)
14. Too Old Too Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Old Too Die!
15. My God
16. Cross-Eyed Mary

Bursting Out: The Inflated Edition

DVD 1:
1-16 – as on CD1: 1-16 – 96/24 Stereo
17-32 – as on CD1: 1-16 – DD & DTS 5.1 Surround
33-41 – as on CD2: 2-6, 8, 9, 11; CD 2: 1 – Flat Transfer

DVD 2:
1-13 – as on CD2: 1-13 – 96/24 Stereo
13-26 – as on CD2: 1-13 – DD & DTS 5.1 Surround
27-35 – as on CD2: 2-13 – Flat Transfer

DVD 3 – Live at Madison Square Garden, October 1978 – video:
1-15 – as on CD 3: 1-6, 8-15

April 11, 2024

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