Jim Capaldi’s Island Years To Be Boxed

Criminally underrated, despite his track record, outside of TRAFFIC, Jim Capaldi had a tremendous knack for a tune and a lyric, and any release from the great late artist is always welcome. This is why a box set titled “Open Your Heart – The Island Recordings 1972-1976” that will see the light of day on March 27th on Esoteric deserves a certain amount of attention, even though two of the three albums it comprises were reissued relatively recently. It’s hard to tell why there was a need to remaster anew 1972’s "Oh How We Danced" and "Whale Meat Again" from 1974, given their 2012 editions had been remastered, yet it’s going to be great to hear 1975’s “Short Cut Draw Blood” with pristine sound and four additional cuts which never graced a digital medium, as well as a DVD with Capaldi’s collectives TV appearances.

Reasonably priced, the set must become a treasured item in many a home.

Open Your Heart –
The Island Recordings 1972-1976

CD1 – Oh How We Danced:

1. Eve
2. Big Thirst
3. Love Is All You Can Try
4. Last Day Of Dawn
5. Don’t Be A Hero
6. Open Your Heart
7. How Much Can A Man Really Take
8. Oh How We Danced
bonus track:
9. Going Down Slow All The Way

CD2 – Whale Meat Again:

1. It’s Alright
2. Whale Meat Again
3. Yellow Sun
4. I’ve Got So Much Lovin’
5. Low Rider
6. My Brother
7. Summer Is Fading
8. We’ll Meet Again
bonus track:
9. Tricky Dicky Rides Again

CD3 – Short Cut Draw Blood:

1. Goodbye Love
2. It’s All Up To You
3. Love Hurts
4. Johnny Too Bad
5. Short Cut Draw Blood
6. Living On A Marble
7. Boy With A Problem
8. Keep On Trying
9. Seagull
bonus tracks – previously unreleased on CD:
10. Sugar Honey
11. It’s Alright
12. Talkin’ About My Baby
13. Still Talkin’

DVD – The Old Grey Whistle Test:

Jim Capaldi Band – November 18th, 1975:
1. Short Cut Draw Blood
2. Goodbye Love
Jim Capaldi & The Space Cadets – In Concert, March 30th, 1976:
1. Low Rider
2. Love Hurts
3. Goodbye Love
4. Elixir Of Love
5. Boy With A Problem
6. Short Ends
7. Talkin’ About My Baby
8. Keep On Trying

January 19, 2020

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