Jimmy Hall of WET WILLIE Calls On Joe Bonamassa And Other Friends To Get Ready

Having trodden the swampy fields of Southern rock for more than five decades now as a frontman of WET WILLIE, Jimmy Hall is, of course, no stranger to blues – the genre he was weaned on – and the veteran’s work on Jeff Beck’s “Flash” should be a testament to that. Yet while Hall’s solo career, which successfully started with “Touch You” in 1980, used to veer away from the motherlode, it’s the stylistic direction of Jimmy’s new album, titled “Ready Now” and ready to be released on September 16th, so no wonder he called for a few famous bluesy six-stringers to get on board.

With the platter’s title track (watch the lyric video below) enhancing Jimmy’s honeyed voice with Warren Haynes’ slider-polished lines and several cuts bearing the presence of Joe Bonamassa – he co-produced the album with Josh Smith, who’s also there, and co-penned five tracks – it’s impossible to go wrong with this offering, especially when one of the numbers here is “Dream Release” that’s dedicated to the memory of Hall’s old friend, the late Gregg Allman

Ready Now

1. Jumpin’ For Joy – feat. Joe Bonamassa
2. Risin’ Up – feat. Joe Bonamassa
3. Dream Release
4. Girl’s Got Sugar – feat. Josh Smith
5. Ready Now – feat. Warren Haynes
6. Holding On For Dear Love – feat. Joe Bonamassa
7. A Long Goodbye – feat. Joe Bonamassa
8. Will You Still Be Here – feat. Joe Bonamassa
9. Without Your Love – feat. Jared James Nichols
10. Love For It
11. Eyes In The Back Of Your Head

September 5, 2022

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