Jimmy McCulloch Biography To Be Published

In his short life Jimmy McCulloch was able to shine within the brilliant line-ups of such prominent ensemble’s as THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN, STONE THE CROWS, SMALL FACES and, of course, WINGS where Paul McCartney allowed the young guitarist sing “Medicine Jar” and “Wino Junko” – two numbers the Scottish player co-wrote. But there was much more to him, musically and personally, which made the great late artist an object of American teenager Paul Salley’s attention or, rather, creative obsession, because the latter decided to write a book about McCulloch.

Paul Salley: Little Wing

It took Salley twelve years of digging in the archives that many respectable parties opened for him and interviewing high-profile musicians, including Jimmy’s brother, Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Kenney Jones and John Mayall – but, unfortunately, not Macca. Still, in Dave Clarke’s words, the book “is a real tour de force that has been compiled over many years from a myriad of interviews and visits to the people and places in Jimmy’s life. It has been a real labor of love as well as a scholastic triumph. All of those who have even a passing interest in rock music and its heroes will be enthralled by this detailed and definitive story of the life and music of this special talent.”

Out on July 2nd, it’s going to be a riveting read.

June 26, 2021

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