Joe Jammer Finds His Mickie Most Tapes

Joseph Edward Wright became known as Joe Jammer thanks to Jimmy Page for whom he worked as a roadie and thanks to whom he moved to England, yet the Chicagoan hardly needed a sponsor to establish his credentials as a guitarist of note. Not that Joe’s had a prominent solo career – although he played in PALADIN with the recently departedĀ Pete Solley, foundedĀ NOBODY'S BUSINESS, and worked OLYMPIC RUNNERS – but Jammer’s 1973 platter “Bad News” became cult classic – one which never was reissued. Until now.

Sadly, it’s a digital-only release, but this shouldn’t prevent anyone from relishing JJ’s licks and songwriting as well as stellar delivery of bassist Tony Stevens, drummer Reg Isidore, saxophonist Chris Mercer and keyboardist Jean Roussel. More so, the album’s 50-anniversary reappearance is expanded with five previously unreleased tracks the just-immigrated musician laid down in 1971 at Olympic Studios under the guidance of Mickie Most. Some of those were cut afresh in 1974 for Joe’s sophomore effort, "Headway" – only Jammer’s residential status got in the way, and the record remained on the shelf until 2014, so listening to some songs’ original versions feels like a treat. Hopefully, there will be a CD of it.

Bad News

1. You Can’t Hide It
2. Never Again
3. Count On Me
4. On The Other Side
5. I’m Sorry
6. In The City
7. Last Night
8. Missed my Train
9. Your Hurting Me
10. Look Before You Leap
11. Rising Sun
bonus tracks, 1971:
12. Can’t Yer Catch
13. Escalame
14. Axe Me Another
15. Travellin’
16. Find Myself

December 10, 2023

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