Joe Lynn Turner Faces Adversity On “Belly Of The Beast”

Invariably delivering on what lifelong followers used to expect of him, what Joe Lynn Turner has never seemed to pursue was a shock factor – until now. And it’s not that the veteran’s forthcoming album “Belly Of The Beast” – which will be issued on October 28th – hints at darker, than usual, matters Joe’s apt to unleash; it’s the platter’s revelatory angle that Turner’s about to offer – and his fresh looks.

While fans assumed the singer dyed his hair, so luxurious for a 71-year-old, those close to Joe knew he wore a wig for decades, and now Turner has stopped doing so, fully accepting his mascara-enhanced, yet natural, pharaoh-esque visage. He’s been diagnosed with alopecia at the age of three and was able to become stronger despite bullying and other obstacles – the psychological difficulties JLT’s addressing on this record’s numbers such as “Don’t Fear The Dark” and “Tortured Soul” which make “Belly Of The Beast” (whose title track can be listened to below) autobiographical. Designed together with producer and songwriter Peter TÃĪgtgren, it must be the American warbler’s most brave and honest project of all.

Belly Of The Beast

1. Belly Of The Beast
2. Black Sun
3. Tortured Soul
4. Rise Up
5. Dark Night Of The Soul
6. Tears Of Blood
7. Desire
8. Don’t Fear The Dark
9. Fallen World
10. Living The Dream
11. Requiem

August 26, 2022

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