Joe Lynn Turner: Live Document From 1985

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of Joe Lynn Turner‘s start as a solo performer. It may seem strange today but, left to his own devices after the demise of RAINBOW, Joe didn’t rely on Ritchie Blackmore’s band’s material when he went on tour to promote 1985’s “Rescue You” and sang most of the tracks from this album and only a few famous numbers ; more so, the artist delivered to the public pieces he hand’t even recorded yet. Such was Turner’s repertoire when he went on stage of Boston’s “Paradise Theater” on December 30th, accompanied by the same people he’d cut the LP with: his former colleague Chuck Burgi on drums, erstwhile FOREIGNER keyboard player Alan Greenwood and Bobby Messano of STARZ fame on guitar, plus bassist Barry Dunaway, then fresh off Pat Travers’ group. That show became a basis for a bootleg which is to receive an official release on March 4th.

Titled “Street of Dreams – Boston 1985,”  it’s a single-disc, abridged and edited version of the set, originally recorded for the King Biscuit radio show, with no classic covers – including “Gimme Some Loving” – at the end of it, yet Joe’s satisfied with the result.

Says Joe Lynn Turner,
“We were doing a promo tour, and this show was excellent! No overdubs or technology was done to alter the sound: it is as it was that very night. Cleopatra Records wanted to release it because they defend the artists who have these live shows online and are bootlegged by many people, so thanks to them for their concern. There should be more labels like this.”

Bobby Messano adds:
“Playing the Boston show was a trip. We had just finished ‘Rescue You’ and we had just added Barry on bass, because I played bass on the album. It was at the end of a short, five-show run, and we were just shaking ourselves out as a band, but holy craps what a band! The Boston show was the peak of thay run: we kicked major ass, and it was packed to the rafters at “The Paradise.” It was, in my opinion, one of the coolest shows I did with Joe, Al, Chuck and Barry. Well… hell, take a listen!”

JOE LYNN TURNER - Street of Dreams - Boston 1985

Street of Dreams –
Boston 1985

As for the tracks, they run like this:

1. I Found Love
2. Losing You
3. Soul Searcher
4. Young Hearts
5. Endlessly
6. Rescue You
7. Stone Cold
8. Street Of Dreams
9. Feel The Fire
10. Guitar Solo / Good Girls Gone Bad
11. Get Tough
12. On The Run
13. Them Changes

February 17, 2016

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