John Entwistle’s Rarities Series Is To Be Launched

Two decades ago, in June 2002, the great John Entwistle left this world in a true rock ‘n’ roll style, but while he was the least verbose of all THE WHO members, The Ox’s bass seems to still resonate and reverberate in the ether all these years later, and his albums like “Smash Your Head Against The Wall” are still kept in high esteem by the artist’s fans and colleagues alike. That’s why a two-volume collection of the late veteran’s rarities – including previously unreleased demos, out-takes and live recordings, all prepared his son Chris and drummer Steve Luongo – should be eagerly embraced.

First volume, to be out on CD and vinyl on October 21st, is comprised of a devil’s dozen cuts – from “Bogey Man” that was originally laid down with Keith Moon and discarded from “Who Are You” to concert version of “Trick Of The Light” from the same album, alongside a plethora of solo tracks and Entwistle’s take on “Under A Raging Moon” from Roger Daltrey’s 1985 platter. Not for everyone but interesting all the same – watch the promo videos below.

Rarities Oxhumed –
Volume One

1. Bogey Man
2. Darker Side Of Night
3. I’ll Try Again
4. When You See The Light
5. Back On The Road
6. Left For Dead
7. I Wouldn’t Sleep With You
8. Don’t Be A Sucker
9. Life Goes On (demo)
10. Where Ya Going Now (demo)
11. Trick Of The Light (live)
12. Under A Raging Moon (live)
13. Shakin’ All Over (live)

September 13, 2022

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