John Fiddler: Heart To Heart

John FiddlerThere are many faces to John Fiddler: an unorthodox hippy singer-songwriter behind MEDICINE HEAD, a hard rock belter at the front of BRITISH LIONS, a MOTT offshoot, a rhythm-and-blues paragon in BOX OF FROGS alongside Jim McCarty and other YARDBIRDS… All of those faces have been brave, and so is the veteran’s current one. He collapsed on-stage last October but it took NHS six months, since John’s heart issues were diagnosed, to put Fiddler on the waiting list for surgery, and in this case waiting means another six, or even ten months, which he, nearing 70 years of age, may not really have. That’s why his friends set up a fundraising campaign to speed things up within private facility, and help John heal to get back to playing – as he, suffering, had to cancel performances, the thing that’s always been Fiddler’s lifeline in both artistic and financial terms.

“I have always believed in love and trust,” sang John in “Strong Heart,” and that’s what he needs now. Donate if you can, or share this message. We’re talking about saving life here, of a person whose music keeps on bringing us joy.

May 21, 2017

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